1st & 8th September

I had to take last Friday off due to some personal commitments. However, on the 1st (Monday) there was not much to do, because the internet was still down. People cannot contact the cinema via phone or e-mail. Therefore the only thing left to do, was clean and organise the place. Just like every workplace, there is a storeroom which they call the ‘Bat-cave’ and in there are furniture, glassware, old POS systems, decorations and just ‘crap’ pretty much. Most of the boxes stacked there were all empty! Not sure why they were, but we ended up tossing it into the trash. (I think some staff members have been too lazy to throw them out and so it just piles on.) I re-arranged the furniture and created a path to get through this Bat-cave. Anyway, my day ended there, I got an early-mark and that was my Monday at my internship.

This Monday, when I came in, Jess told me that she is resigning. Therefore, my position as an intern is currently unsure. She won’t be leaving until next month or so, but if they find someone new before next month then she’ll be leaving earlier. It was really good that Jess informed me, but I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to this internship. When they hire someone new in replacement of Jess, she can’t promise me that they would want an intern, because technically I’m her intern. Anyway, she is happy to be a reference for me or write me a recommendation letter if I decide to leave now. I told her I’ll have a think about it. I can stay for a couple more weeks, til the end with Jess. But then again, it won’t be any beneficial for me. I’ve got this Friday and next Monday off because Jess is going away for a few days. I’m not sure where this leaves me now, I need to make up my mind. Do I go an find another internship? Just leave Ritz? Or do I come back for one last time? Take a more definite break from interning and focus on my studies now? I really want to come back for the last time, to just say goodbye though. In my short 3 or so weeks, I have learnt a bit and still very happy to be part of their team.

25th & 29th August

I think writing up a reflection once a week would be enough as I can reflect on my week at Ritz in a longer post then to just say what it is that I did that day. It was exciting to be starting my first Monday, it gave me an idea on what my Mondays for the next 3 months are going to be like. Jess has been thinking of changing the database system, therefore to get that started, I was assigned to do some research on demographics. Just putting together an Excel spreadsheet on top publications (online or print) that targets Mums, Teens, Gays, Movie Buffs etc.

Researching is so essential in PR, but it is one of those tasks that is very slow and seems like to be getting nowhere. I would love to receive more researching though, I want to find out the best way to research for me. I want to be able to get answers quickly. I want to research for effectively. This would be such a great skill for me to expand, both career and study wise.

August is a more quiet month in the film industry, I’m glad I started in a quiet month though because I can settle in this internship more. I found out films usually release on a Thursday, therefore in the film industry, the week starts on Thursday. A little confusing. But I can work with that.
With the school holidays coming up, we’re expected to be really busy soon. A lot of Vacation Care bookings, September soon too, which means a lot of birthdays. (Everyone seems to be born in September)

Whilst not having much to do, I did some admin work around the office. Some filing, printing vouchers, re-organizing and more spreadsheets. Personally, I don’t use Excel spreadsheets often. But that is a good thing. Jess told me that I’ll definitely be learning a lot about Excel and the shortcuts, which I’m really keen to do. I have heard that Excel spreadsheets is one of the most useful tools in PR.

22nd August

It has been a while since I’ve been interning. Now that I’ve officially started uni, my priorities have changed and back on a routine. It was lovely to have a couple months off just doing whatever I wanted to do. But it’s about time I’m back onto the path to have the career of my dream.

Since starting uni, I’ve only got Mondays & Fridays free and as I was looking for an internship for about 5 weeks or so, I came across the opportunity to intern at Ritz Cinema.

They were looking for someone who can work Mondays & Fridays – perfect for me! The role of this internship is focused on events, which is fine with me because in the PR world, it’s important to have skills and knowledge of event management. I didn’t get to hear back from Ritz until 3 weeks later, first there was a phone interview (I thought I blew it, because I was so nervous and never did a phone interview before) and then straight away they wanted a face-to-face interview. The girl looking after me is Jessica, she’s in charge of all events & PR of Ritz. She has been in the film industry for about 5 years, and surprisingly we went to the same high school. But I don’t remember her, she was a senior when I started.

Ritz Cinema is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, at Randwick. It has got a long history and I’ve only been there a couple of times. I never knew they held events at the place, I never knew there was a bar upstairs and I never knew they did so much events. But now I do and I’ll be assisting Jessica on making them happen and run smoothly.

I was really excited on my first day, because it’s just something new and different to all my other internships in the past. Jessica took me on a tour of the place, explained to me in details about my tasks and straight away I knew, everyday would be something different. There was a lot to grasp onto, but I’ll get the hang of it. Because there was no events on this weekend coming up, I didn’t have much to do. It was actually a really relaxing Friday. Jessica suggested that I should watch trailers for the films that will be showing soon at the Ritz, so when clients call asking about films, I would know what I’m talking about. So yeah, spent my first day mostly watching trailers. But I’m ready for Monday! I really like the fact that I’ll be working along side with Jessica, and it’s just me. I also like how I’ll actually be directly contacting clients and customers whether via phone, e-mail or in person. This way, it feels like I can see how my tasks have come together and where I can improve on the next time. Unlike my other internships, where it’s the same thing all day long and I don’t feel like I’ve learnt much. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months here at Ritz, I’m so open-minded about this industry and taking in new skills and knowledge.